Superstitious? It’s Friday the 13th!

I am not superstitious at all but married into a family that is very (like SUPER) superstitious.  I informed my husband this morning that it was Friday the 13th to torment him a little, as he left for work this morning.

Here is a list of some common, and not so common, superstitions.  Which ones do you believe?  Or, do you believe they are all a little ‘off’?  Leave a comment and let me know.

1.  Walking under a ladder is bad luck.  Well, if the person on the ladder spills something, or drops a hammer on your head, I might believe that one.

2.  Spilling salt is bad luck unless you throw a pinch of it over your left shoulder.  (Have you seen how small some of the salt shaker refill holes are?  Who doesn’t spill salt?)

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No More $1 Carnival Games ~ Ho Hum

We all know I live in, what is to me, being from near Chicago, a tiny town called Lynchburg, TN.  This weekend, we are celebrating Frontier Days.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of this annual event. The schedule of events includes things like A Baby Contest, Homemade Apple Pie and Cornbread contests, a Western Reenactment of the “River Chase Posse”, a watermelon eating contest and more.  There is also a parade and a carnival. You get the general idea.

So, having not been to a ‘carnival’ in years, let me tell the rest of you in the same boat that there are no more $1 Carnival Games.  You know that little duck your children picked out of the pool to win a prize?  Well, it now costs $5 to pick a duck!  Of course, there is a ‘Prize every time!’ but, really, $5?  For a prize like a plastic snake or a paddle ball?  We had Grandpa with us and he is not as frugal as Grandma is so the kids did each get to play a couple of games and ride tons of rides.  I even rode one with my youngest one and he was screaming in terror before we even got upside-down.  I, on the other hand, was enjoying it so much I could not stop laughing and that did not help him, at all.  By the time the ride was over, my stomach hurt.  That good gut laugh was way past due.

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Are You Celebrating Flag Day?

Today is United States Flag Day.  For those of you that don’t know what that means here is a quick explanation (then I have to go hang our flag outside).  Flag day commemorates the day of your country flag.  The United States flag was adopted on June 14, 1777.  The United States Flag is 235 years old today.  It has changed as we add stars for each new state added to the United States.

Happy Birthday United States Flag!  I am putting ours out now.

Share Your Heroes ~ Posts for Patriotism

Patriotism ~ America has lost some, but there are those that remain dedicated.  With a continuing war, how could there not be patriots?

I could not possibly list all the wars that America has been involved in.  An internet history or the United States wars showed hundreds of wars.  Large and small, long and short.  However, to the Heroes that fought the battles,  lived or perished, I am sure they have taken their toll on the soldiers and the families.  We do have a lot of information, even now, on the toll war takes and the damage to soldiers and countries.

16 million United States men and women fought in WWII.  That’s an astounding number of heroes!  Less than 25% of the survivors are still alive.  That leaves the number of today’s survivors at under two million.  Albert Brown, the oldest WW II survivor passed away March 2011.  His story is quite miraculous.  It is worth the read.  I can see, in my own life, from my grandparents, to my parents, to my generation and to to my children’s generation, the decline of patriotism.  I am at a loss as to how more Americans can gain that back.

We have soldiers in the battlefield today, protecting America and those that cannot protect themselves.  For the soldiers and the families of those soldiers, that continue to protect and serve our great country, I sincerely thank you.

For the Nearly Nothing readers with family that has served, please leave us your story (and a picture, if you can) so that we may gain, at least a bit, of the patriotism that used to be a part of the US everyday life.


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Just a Little Work Today

A little bit of work today, a little bit of cleaning and then The Hunger Games at 8 PM tonight!  Who else is going to see The Hunger Games tonight?

Getting Your Passion ~ I’m Not Talking About in the Bedroom!

Passion, craving, desire, expectation, hope, longing, need, thirst, wish, yearning.

If you have ever felt the light bulb in your head go off, you already know the feeling I am talking about today.  Ah ha!  I get it, again.  Are you wondering what is so passionate about coupons?  It is not the coupons that the passion lies in, it is what can be done, in your own backyard, when you find the passion and the ability to accomplish an amazing feat.
Nearly Nothing started to help people save money an easier way; with real, live help.  The website came second to that.  The website started because I thought it would be an easier, faster way to keep everyone informed of changes and great deals all at one time.  I started the website to save myself from countless telephone calls and repetition of how couponing deals work.
Nearly Nothing started from a passion to teach people how to live in abundance on, well, nearly nothing.  The economy, being what it is, gave me a yearning to make couponing an easier task for more people.  I went to my local library and asked if we could borrow the building for a coupon class.  I was welcomed with open arms, and here we are today.  I still teach class FREE at the library every week, I still post the deals on the site.  It has been a wild year, with tons of fun and great fans along the way.  There have been trials and growing pains too!  It has not all been a smooth ride.  Regardless the situation, there has always been fun and a very loyal local dedication to seeing nearly nothing succeed every step of the way.
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Two Aspirins and a BOWL of Coffee

Join me this morning for a couple aspirin a bowl-sized cup of coffee.  I bet I need more than one of those cups.  For a normal person, on a ‘normal’ daytime schedule, you may be thinking it is 9:00 AM, what is she talking about?

Website owners work one heck of a schedule.  I usually get to bed somewhere one and four AM.  So 9:00 AM is super early for me.  I have also discovered that the older you get, the longer it takes to recover from a trip.  Even if that trip is just for a weekend, it takes days to get over it.  No matter the fun that was had while on a trip, it is taking time to recover.  I have not managed to get in bed early enough to actually ‘catch up’ on any of my missed sleep.

I see a nap in my very near future: this afternoon before the big yellow limousine brings the children home from school.  Until then, let me work on some great deals and see what other interesting items show up for the day.  Until nap time, anyway.

You Can Make a Difference ~ With What You Already Have

How many of the items in that picture do you have in your pantry?  These are some of the great brands and products that ConAgraFoods is letting you use for the ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here Program.  Have you entered ANY of the eight digit codes, that are on each product, into the Child Hunger Ends Here box?

It is really that easy to feed a hungry child.  I know that couponers out there have had many recent chances to purchase any of the items, on sale, and with a coupon!

Our lives are busy, we do not have time.  While you eat and watch TV, or eat while you surf the net, snack between meals — there are children, in your own area, that have not had dinner.  There ARE children in your town that only get a meal when they are at school and can eat on the free lunch program.

What can you do?  Take just a few minutes to pull the brands (in the picture on the left) out of your pantry and enter your codes from those cans.  Spend just a minute to get them entered because that will help feed one, or more, of the children that are hungry, right in your town.  It really is that easy.

I talk a lot about starting to help in your own backyard.  What that means is start helping in  your community, your town, your city.  There are a lot of programs already in place to help in your community.  I’ll be giving more information on how you can help very soon.  This is just the way to start.

Why are you still reading this article?  Please get your codes entered now.

Being ‘Truly’ Thankful

In the last several weeks, there have been numerous times I have been truly grateful.  I am talking about being grateful to people, not to, or for, things.

My husband, if he read my website, would be utterly astounded to see this.  I am truly grateful that he puts up with me while I am in the midst of  technical difficulties and crazy work schedules.  There have been enough of both in the past couple of weeks.  He cannot help with my work online but he does know how to stay out of my way and completely understands the erratic mood swings when I am unable to work due to technical difficulties. My grandchildren are a wonderful blessing, as are all children, for taking my mind off work and putting it back on family.

I am thankful I have a great new home with an actual office.  Having my own space is making life with me a whole lot easier, I am sure, for the ones that share every day with.

I am grateful to Heather from for saving Nearly Nothing from certain doom and imminent disaster.  Nearly Nothing was only days away from being a non-website when I found Heather, who dropped (or so I like to think) everything to help me get my website moved.  I do not have a problem posting and using my website; however, there is barely a trace of technical, electrical or behind-the-scenes knowledge sitting behind this post.  Heather has more knowledge of the technical aspect of being a website owner than I ever want to possess.  Quite frankly, it makes me cross-eyed and gives me a headache reading the directions for some of the things I need to do to run this website. Truly. TRULY.

Most of all, I am truly grateful that I have somewhere to say thank you when I want to, how I want to and saying it because this is my website, with yours and I can.  Thank you.  Truly.


Picture This… Really???

I know that I live in a really small town but…

I happened to be sitting outside last night just before 10:00 PM and a MINI VAN meets the hearse to bring a person into the funeral home.  Really?

What do you think about that?  Geez.



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Another Vote needed!

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I’m on auto pilot today!

Good Day Nearly Nothing readers and fans! I actually have plans today so my Facebook and website are full and on auto-pilot to keep some great deals rolling your way.

Getting out of the house is going to feel good!  Just a small gathering of friends and I am really looking forward to it.  All the store sales will be posted in the AM!

Have a great rest of the day!

The Power of Bloggers: Be Prepared to Go Viral

This is a simple tale told in idioms for the Companies.  About the Bloggers (website owners), who wield the power to ‘make or to break’ you (that was an idiom).


In very recent events, an unnamed Company ‘bit off more than they could chew’ and ‘got in over their head’.  To put it bluntly, this Company ‘jumped the gun’ and ‘couldn’t cut the mustard’.  By ‘opening a floodgate of opportunity’ to Bloggers that was the ‘icing on the cake’ for the Blogger’s to take a ‘check to the bank’.


While the Blogger’s ‘couldn’t judge the book by it’s cover’ because the cover was so large, the Bloggers did look a ‘gift horse in the mouth’ and went on a ‘feeding frenzy’.  This made the Company very popular but the Company was ‘wet behind the ears’ when it came to the Power of the Bloggers and ended up being a ‘flash in the pan’ and ‘went to hell in a handbasket’.


This caused a lot of ‘crying over spilt milk’ in the Blogger world because there were a lot of ‘chickens counted before they were hatched’.  Life decisions were based on ‘all the eggs in that basket'; never a good ‘rule of thumb’.  So, the Company ‘pulled the plug’ on the Bloggers, at ‘the drop of a hat’ with a ‘cock and bull’ story.  That was a ‘low blow’ for the Company, any Company.


To the Company, please be prepared if you let loose the Power of the Bloggers whose reach is ‘far and wide’.  (Oh, and make sure when those final checks are cut that the pay is spot on.  There are contract copies and screen shots of proof existing and we would hate to ‘cook your goose’ for deleted proof that was previously sent.)


‘The bottom line’ for the Bloggers to think about is if it is ‘easy as pie’ or a ‘piece of cake’, it is probably ‘too good to be true’.  You were here ‘before they came along and you are still here, now’.  You are not a ‘greenhorn’ and you are not ‘starting from scratch’ or ‘back to square one’.  You still have your Blog.


‘Put your chin up’ and get ‘back to the drawing board’ because you have ‘paid the piper’ and the Companies are a ‘dime a dozen’.  While you, You are the Power of the Blogger!