Donating Backpacks from Gutzy Gear

This wonderful event was sponsored by Gutzy Gear
and powered by Madame Deals Media

Every year we pay it forward and either give full backpacks to the school or get extra supplies for our kids classroom.  This helps out by saving parents on a room fee.  The room fee you usually pay is buy supplies and items that not all families can afford.

Gutzy Gear donated tons of $25 gifts to website owners so that we could make in an impact in our backyard.  If you have been reading Nearly Nothing for any amount of time, you know we believe in helping our own neighborhoods first and then branching out to help others.  There are plenty of needs in your ‘own backyard’ if you will just take the time to look.

I had a hard time spending my $25 because I am fairly well known by the stores in my local area.  I have to start by thanking those that helped us out.  Office Max donated 200 pencils and offered me the teachers Max Perks card because I teach public classes to teens and adults at our local library.  Also, every time I went in for their limited specials of the week, they gave me an additional 20%, and of course I used coupons!  CVS donated the four backpacks you see in the picture.  If we had to purchase all four, we would not have been able to stuff four backpacks with our $25.  Thank you very much for your generosity in helping us help others.

I would like to point out that the largest expense in the photo was the two packs of computer paper for $13.99.  However, Office Max Perks will be returning $13.98 of that so my final price on the computer paper was actually 1¢ for two reams.  I had to buy it and the kids need it for computer class.  The erasers were 20¢ or less, as were all the folders, notebook paper and notebooks.

With crayons at 25¢ (some were free) and markers, scissors, and 12 ct. boxes of Bic Pens at 50¢ each, Nearly Nothing, with the help of wonderful store managers help make this event a great donation experience.

Believe it or not, because of all the great sales and our donations, we still have $6 left from Gutzy Gear.  For our junior high school backpack, we are adding some money to that to purchase the scientific calculator that they need.

If you want to make a difference in your community, you do NOT have to spend a lot of money.  Every single little bit helps a family in need.  Your local school, library, community center can help you with ways to start helping with whatever you are willing to donate: from time to money.  Your efforts are all appreciated.

So, be Gutzy and start in your own backyard.

REPOST: Eden’s Edge Deluxe Exclusive Available at Cracker Barrel

Photo is courtesy of Big Machine Records

In the week that I have had this not-yet released album, I have listened to it countless times. Hearing new things and finding new meanings in each song, it is Classic Country at its best. Pictured above (from L-R) Cherrill Green, Hannah Blaylock and Dean Berner ~ They are Edens Edge. Edens Edge possesses a unique musical blend deeply rooted in Country music, acoustic instrumentation and pure vocal harmonies.

Just last year they joined three major Country Music tours including Reba, Lady Antebellum and Brad Paisley. This summer, Edens Edge will kick off their opening slot on Rascal Flatts “Changed Tour” as well as share a national platform with their labelmates for Outnumber Hunger, which helps secure meals for the 1 in 6 Americans that struggle to put a meal on the table every day. The partnership between Big Machine Label Group, General Mills and Feeding America encourages consumers across the country while encouraging local outreach.

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Family, Food and Fun with Kroger #imabzzagent

We have recently had the delight to share some great (free) foods from Kroger!  We had great Angus hamburgers, Chips, Pie and more.  Every single bit of it was wonderful from the Private Selections.  Now, we get to try the Kroger brand of foods with a Family Fun Night.  All of this just for being a BzzAgent!

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Fresh Ideas is Taking People with Opinions! Got One?

I signed up for this Fresh Ideas last week because Pepperidge Farm is looking for panelists and I got excited.  I love free stuff (obviously) and being on a panel for a food company is guaranteed free food and goodies.  I got in!  It took about 5 minutes to take the survey to see if I qualified.  Take yours and see if you can get in.  I love these panels for food, it’s better than couponing!

Rascal Flatts ‘Changed’ Review and Sweeps!

I was lucky enough to receive this Rascal Flatts “Changed” CD for review upon its release.  This is country music at its finest.  I really like the mellow sounds on this CD.  There are a couple ‘get your feet moving’ tunes on here also.

Rascal Flatts has many awards in their less than 10 years performing together.  Some of the prestigious awards include: Seven ACM trophies for Vocal Group of the Year, 13 singles hit the top of the music charts and together have added up to over eight months at #1, Country Music Radio 2012 Humanitarian Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will be officially placed soon!

Rascal Flatts on tour really has to be something else.  Giving us all a chance to hear them, they have opened up a Sweepstakes (one time entry) to win tickets to an upcoming concert, along with the airfare to get there.

You may click the picture of the sweeps form to the left or click HERE to get to the Rascal Flatts official webpage to enter!  I have entered and wish you all the luck in the world on your entry.

While you are on the Rascal Flatts page, you can even order the new CHANGED CD and you can order the download.  Order now and receive a FREE Rascal Flatts poster with your CD.

Close to the heart of Nearly Nothing is ending child hunger and Rascal Flatts has teamed up with Big Machine Music, General Mills and Feeding America.  Click their link to see what you can do to help.

All three men of the Rascal Flatts group are now family men and CHANGED is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of life and what country music is.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


 I was able to do this review and offer you the link to the Sweepstakes because I am part of the One2One network.  You may see my full disclaimer here.

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I Love These Baby Slings

I recently attended a conference where most of the attendees were women.  As it was not a formal conference, there were many babies in attendance.  I saw a tremendous amount and many styles of baby slings and wraps.  I have to admit I wish I had known about these when I was having children.

It seems to me, as on onlooker, that the babies and children in the baby slings looked completely comfortable.  We always talk about how our grandchildren look so comfortable in their car seats because they are so cushy and roomy.  However, the babies in the slings looked totally relaxed and at ease.  Talk about the easy life!  The baby slings are totally adaptable to so many positions I wondered how the mothers could keep track of them all.  It amazed me to see a sleeping child carried and snug on the front one minute and then wrapped around mom’s back the next minute.

One of the favorite baby sling types that I saw was a one piece wrap, made simply out of a stretchy material.  It seems to be different patterns of crossing the material that decide the position and placement for where you want the baby.  With these wraps it seems that the pressure of holding a baby for any length of time would be so much easier than using your arms.  My arms still get tired if I think about how long I carried little ones around.  If you are having children or know someone that is having children, any type of baby sling or wrap would be an excellent gift.

I Can Kill a Cactus ~ Review

I can kill a cactus so I do not have any live plants in my home.  Many people ask me how and I have absolutely no idea but it seems the more love I shower on a live plant, the faster it loses its verve.  The ones that go in the ground outside for the summer are up to my husband, who does have a green thumb, to take care of.  I pick them out, tell him where to put them, he plants and waters, and does whatever is necessary to keep them in bloom for the season.  It is an arrangement that has worked well for us over the years.
The bright tulips that you see in the picture are wonderful.  I say that because it is an artificial flower arrangement.  Tulips are one of my two favorite flowers.  The only problem with tulips is you wait all year for them to bloom again, you get about two good weeks out of them and poof! they are gone again for another year.  Not so for this arrangement!
I have had this arrangement in my office for several months and it is very bright and cheery.  The red tulips are offset by some great dried reeds, bunched together with string that is very strong but perfect for the wooden crate that is the base.  These flowers have a very real look to them.  They are perfect for fall because the holder and the reeds give them a ‘last-of-the-bunch’ look and they make me feel like I have beat the perils of how long a tulip really lives.
Another thing I love about this arrangement is in the summer, when all the real tulips are gone, I will still be enjoying mine!  This is an artificial flower arrangement built to last and still has the look of real.  I have received many compliments on it.  I have had others that have actually had to touch them to see if they were real.
When you order one of these arrangements, let me assure you that the packing is secure.  My tulips arrived in a box that just big enough for them to fit.  There will be no damage due to your flowers being shipped and the abuse a box can take while being handled by the shipping companies.  These are packed to withstand the rigors of shipping.  Take your arrangement out of the box, fluff a little, and you are ready to enjoy a great ‘right out of the box’ brightening atmosphere wherever you put your arrangement.  Shipping is fast, too.
If you are like me and your green thumbs are broken, too take a look at the wonderful artificial flower arrangements here and see which your favorite is.  Be sure to check back often as your choices will change with the seasons.


I received the tulip arrangement above in return for my honest opinion on the product.  My views and opinion on this product were not determined by such receipt.  Please see my full disclosure here if you need more information.