Rite Aid Couponing




                                                                How to Coupon at Rite Aid


Rite Aid will actually PAY YOU to shop at their store.  They have a lot of programs that are all FREE to join.  FREE is always better than NEARLY NOTHING!

Rite Aid has a sales ad every WEEK.

Rite Aid has a Single Check Rebate ad every MONTH.

Reward Card – Free to get one.  This is the card you need to get the ‘sale’ price of an item.  This card also gets you an automatic 10% discount on all Rite Aid brand products in the store (the 10% will not override a sale price if the sale price is equal to or more than 10% off) Rewards $’s are called +Up Rewards.

Offers rewards at different sales levels – $125 (purchases, not OOP) gets a 10% shopping pass for all items in the store; $250 gets another shopping pass; $500 puts you at Silver Level and gets you 10% off every day for a year; $1000 gets you 20% off everything for a year.  Purchase dollars are reset every January, however., you will keep your ‘earned’ discount!

Single Check Rebates – If you purchase an item on the SCR list and enter your receipts online, ate the end of every month you can request a SCR.  About 2-3 weeks after you request your check, it will arrive in the mail, as a postcard.  This is a ‘real’ check.  It can be deposited in your bank or used at Rite Aid!

Quarterly Rewards – This is a new program that Rite Aid just started.  I opened my email the other day and had an email for -$5 off anything in the store.  Just an extra thank you for shopping at Rite Aid.

Video Values – These are Videos that you can watch online to get SC that you can use to stack with MC and maximize your savings.

Rite Aid Rewards – These are from Riteaid.com and will vary.  EX: you may get a -$5 off a $25 purchase coupon.  These are in the Wellness Reward section.

Rite Aid will take 4 of the same coupon (or ‘Like’ coupons) per transaction.

You must have an equal, or lesser amount of MC than items in your purchase (1 MC per item) then you can ‘stack’ store and In-ad coupons.

No BOGO Free Coupons are accepted with a BOGO sale.  You can stack coupons, though.